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05 Nov 2018 | 14:10

Five ways that barcoding can improve your customer experience


Business is competitive, no matter which field you work in. 

Staying ahead of your competition means having the edge over them; perhaps refining your processes or making slight business alterations, but NEVER giving up.

The use of barcode labels may not seem overly important; it is almost definitely not at the forefront of your working mind. We have dug a little deeper to help your business understand just how much of an impact labeling can have on your business. 

Below are 5 ways that barcoding can help to improve your customer service:

Inventory will go much more smoothly

This is a process for many companies that can take up a lot of workers valuable time. Manual processes often hinder the job and leave ample room for human error. When including barcodes, scanners and even label printers, your workers will find inventory tasks far more quick and easy. This can mean that your business will be saving money, due to increased productivity; On top of this, it will also be beneficial for security purposes as you are able to monitor your stock – hopefully in real time if you have the software. 

Satisfy your customers urge for immediacy

Consumers can get almost everything on demand now – from retailing to hospitality to manufacturing, a sense of urgency is a common theme that businesses are still learning how to manage. Simplifying your processes to include barcode labels as opposed to handwritten labels will allow your business to electronically keep track of stock and conveniently give your customers products faster. 

Upgrade to 2D barcoding

In today’s modern society, customers expect to be able to pay from a mobile device, such as a smartphone. So why not allow them to use their coupons from their smartphones too? 1D scanners are great, however slightly restrictive in this respect as opposed to a 2D barcode scanner. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in many sectors, including retail, automotive, hospitality and more – Upgrading to a 2D scanner will allow your business to easily capture QR codes and will save you time and stress, both on the business side and for your customers!

Abolish process delays

High speed scanning will give you instant access to accurate data at the touch of a button. Process delays of a supply chain for example can easily be eradicated, giving workers the tools and parts they need as quickly as possible to get their job done – impressing the customer with an exceptional turn around. 

One device to do it all

A mobile computer can provide your business with an amplitude of improvements and tools. Scan barcodes, receive signatures, look up stock and pair with a mobile printer for easy mPOS. On top of all of this, a mobile computer will give your workers access to work-related apps instantly and information on demand. With direct access to work tools, processes are vastly improved and customer service automatically achieves the highest standards. 

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