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10 Mar 2020 | 07:00

Beating the SME competition with mobile technology


Small or Medium Business? Get ahead of the competition with a technology solution from Samsung.

As a small or medium business (SME), the pressures faced are mounting as competition is growing. 

The days of 9-5 are long gone, with SMEs requiring an anytime, anywhere approach to work. ‘Work smarter, not harder’ is a phrase commonly heard now-a-days as businesses are leveraging mobile technology to work anywhere in the world – at any time. 

Simply using mobile technology, such as the Samsung A40 has revolutionised productivity for the SME. This distance between working multiple different devices throughout the day may become confusing to the new business owner who already has 20 separate tasks to juggle. Tools such as Samsung DeX which turns your phone into a PC, and features like split-screen, multi-tasking and a pen for quick annotation can help businesses work more quickly and efficiently.

Working on the go 

It is increasingly common that people are working from home or whilst travelling now-a-days. Technology can enable businesses to think differently and to challenge the status quo with bigger, better and bolder customer experiences.

Stand out from the crowd and redefine your industry on the go – did you know that 90% of employees spend at least 20% of their time away from their primary workplace? ¹

More than just a phone

Businesses are now relying on more than simply a smartphone to thrive, but rather a phone, tablet, a smart watch and even virtual reality in some cases! The Samsung ecosystem gives a huge variety of mobile products for SMEs to utilise – perfect for the ‘always-on’ go-getters. 

Whatever your business, be ready for anything: In an unpredictable world, people need business phones and tablets that offer high performance and the best protection. Not only does utilising mobile devices for calls improve productivity, but so does making the most of business smart applications, such as bespoke forms i.e health & safety forms, Microsoft 365 to keep on top of your day-to-day work on the go, but also accounting apps. 

Contact us to find out how you can get 6 months of stress-free accounting with Clearbooks accounting software free with selected Samsung devices. *

Security at the forefront of your SME

Did you know that 61% of SMEs reported a cyber attack in 2018? This is up from just 55% a year ago. ¹ Whilst it is large enterprise security hacks that take the headlines, it is becoming increasingly common for SMEs to be targeted, with growing numbers of mobile hacks too.

Achieving defence-grade security doesn’t have to be over complicated – Every Samsung smartphone and tablet comes with Samsung Knox defence-grade security built in, working in the background to protect your devices and business data. Save money by making data loss a thing of the past when you upgrade your small business to new technology.

Identifying the devices that are right for you can be a tricky task, but don’t worry – our specialists are on hand to help you out. Whether your SME employs one person or a couple of hundred people, we will work together with you to find a solution that connects your workforce to your customers and allows you to build a positive lasting impact. 

*Available on purchases between 13th February and 13th March 2020. Eligible handsets include: selected S10 and Note 10 models, A90 5G & A80. S10, S10e & Note 10 also available as Enterprise Edition models.
¹ Samsung & Accenture SME Playbook 2018
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