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30 Oct 2020 | 12:00

BarTender Software Vulnerability

Seagull Scientific have recently informed their partners of a vulnerability in older releases of BarTender 2016 and certain upgrades from BarTender 2016 to BarTender 2019.

This security issue only occurs in a few very limited situations involving specific versions, releases, and environments and was fixed earlier in the year. Out of an abundance of caution we are sharing the following so that you can update your BarTender software version where required.

Versions/releases impacted:

As a best practice, we recommend all customers update regularly to the latest service release for your version of the product. These releases include fixes for various security, stability, and performance issues.

If you have difficulty deploying updates quickly, we would like to share additional information about the software versions known to be affected by the exploit. 

  • The only version of the software that contains the software flaw is BarTender 2016 Release 3, and this was available until June 6, 2017, when it was replaced by Release 4.

  • If this specific version was never installed on the system, the system is not impacted

  • If this specific version was installed, and later upgraded, the system may still be impacted, and we strongly recommend updating your software:

    • BarTender 2016: Update to the latest BarTender 2016 release (click here

    • BarTender 2019: Customers who updated from BarTender 2016, update to the latest BarTender 2019 release (click here

  • All other versions of BarTender are not impacted.

You can identify which edition and release of BarTender they are using with this guide (click here).

Note, BarTender only tracks the current edition and current version of BarTender a customer has installed, and not the version release. We are unable to tell you if you ever installed BarTender 2016 Release 3.

You can reach Seagull Scientific Technical Support if needed (click here). 


To contact our support team, please email or call us on 0333 733 9999 Option 2. 

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