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16 Oct 2019 | 10:43

Barcoding on Bonfire Night


Firework displays should be an enjoyable night and a spectacle to those who attend. Responsible planning is crucial to ensuring safety and making sure your event runs smoothly. 


Before the event, you will need to think about who will be operating the display, have they been trained correctly and got the right safety wear? Make sure that all your suppliers and trade stands are organised and prepared – it is getting less and less common for people to carry cash around today, so perhaps suggest they bring along an mPOS method of payment. 

Read more about mPOS here


You will also need to make sure your stock of entry wristbands is sorted. A shortage of wristbands for guests could result in financial losses and inadequate tracking! Here at The Barcode Warehouse, we have a large range of varying wristbands.

Take a look at our wristbands here

Another point to consider is whether you would like these to be personalised, unique or printed? Perhaps investing in a wristband printer or a ticket printer could save you money if this is an annual event – it’s worth looking into!



Lastly, do your tickets have barcodes on? This is a great way to track who has come into your event and to also rule out and fake tickets, preventing any possible losses here. A mobile computer would be ideal for ticket scanning; receive ticket information instantly after scanning. There are many rugged devices which are water and weather- proof – ideal for a cold November evening! 


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