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S-200S Label Slitting Station for Media Width up to 255 mm
Brand: Labelmate
Mfr Part # LMS005
Complete label slitting station. Pack includes: UCAT-1-10-INCHES unwinder, S-200 slitter, 3 blade holders with blades, CAT-3-CHUCK-10-INCHES rewinder (76 mm), 1x aluminium and 3x thin plastic separator plates (220 mm diameter), adjustable locking bar to lock units together in position, 15 V power supply.
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£1631.99 inc VAT
(£1359.99 excl VAT)
RRP £2495.00 excl VAT

The Labelmate S-200 Slitter is a swift and efficient solution for generating large quantities of smaller labels. Print multiple-across label rolls and effortlessly slit them into individual, precise rolls with the S-200's high-precision, break-away blades, ensuring a clean and even slitting process.

The Slitting Station S-200S is an all-in-one solution, which includes:

  • S-200 slitter with three blades
  • UCAT-1-10-INCHES unwinder
  • CAT-3-CHUCK-10-INCHES rewinder with a 76 mm core holder
  • One aluminum and three thin plastic separator plates (220 mm diameter)
  • Adjustable locking bar to securely position and connect units
  • 15V power supply
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