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16 Jun 2020 | 14:10

Would you feel lost without your label printer?


Honeywell PX940 Label Printer-Thumbnail-1200x630.jpg

Why is it so important for Manufacturers to have reliable label printers?

When a label is damaged, destroyed or marked, difficulties can occur when staff or their barcode scanners are trying to read the code. This can occur when handwritten labels are used, or when an older printer is used that keeps breaking, and does not have the latest features to allow for high quality printing every time.

Rather than using handwritten labels or an old printer for your essential parts and assets, print them on a high quality label printer so they last under the conditions you work in (cold/ freezer, wet, oil etc.) 

With a range of different sizes and capabilities, the Honeywell range of printers allows you to enhance productivity and workflow solutions. By using a new and reliable printing solution, companies can automate processes (removing any handwritten labels) which will minimise human errors and mispicks from illegible labels, reduce waste and have labels that have a longer shelf life.

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