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The 3600 Series. Under Any Working Condition – It Works.

In manufacturing plants, warehouse aisles, outdoor yards and seaports, we understand that the success of your business rests heavily on the scanners in the hands of your workers. Wait times between scans, barcodes that can’t be read and downtime when a scanner fails create unacceptable delays. Every minute lost reduces productivity, potentially impacting labour costs, order delivery times, profitability, customer satisfaction — and customer retention. You need technology that you can count on, every minute of the day.

Built to a unique set of specifications, the 3600 Series is nearly indestructible. Zebra put this to test below;

Managing your scanners can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why the 3600 Series comes with a set of complimentary tools that take the complexity out of end-to-end scanner management. Whether your scanners are in one location, across the country or around the world, we make staging, updating and everyday troubleshooting easy. The result? The overall total cost of ownership (TCO) for your mobility solution is reduced. 

All models feature lightning-fast capture of printed & electronic bar codes in virtually any condition. The ultra-rugged design is almost indestructible, making it ideal for punishing environments. The 3600 series couldn’t be easier and less time consuming to deploy and manage with included software tools at no extra charge.

The 3600 Series offers 6 models, each with a corded and cordless version for a total of 12 scanner options. All models are purpose built from the group up to combine ultra-rugged durability, superior scanning performance and unrivaled manageability to deliver unstoppable performance. This series offers a complete solution which includes a first-in-class IP65 sealed rugged cradle, a smart battery with 50% more capacity than other models in its class, and Zebra’s WiFi friendly mode – preventing interference with your WiFi network.  

  • The Highest Drop Specification for any Rugged Scanner; Able to Survive 8ft/ 2.4m Drops to Concrete.
  • Two sealing ratings; IP65 and IP67, making this Scanner Dustproof, Sprayproof and Waterproof.
  • Built for Blazing Heat and Sub-Zero Temperatures. Built to withstand Extreme Heat, Cold and Humidity, the Zebra 3600 Corded and Cordless Models can be Used Anywhere.
  • Future-Proof your Business with the Ability to Capture both Printed and Electronic Barcodes.
  • Capture up to 20 Barcodes with a Single Press with Zebra's Multi-Code Feature.
  • Battery Power for up to 70,000 Scans or More. 
  • Deploy Bluetooth with Zero WI-FI Network Interference with Zebra's WI-FI Friendly Mode.
  • Scanner Management Service (SMS). 123Scan - Easy Staging and Updating.

Only the best will do for your business. With the ultra-rugged design, your most challenging tasks will feel like a breeze with Zebra’s 3600 range. Click below to learn how to increase productivity and efficiency, or contact us to find out more.

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