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Whether you need to print receipts, point of sale material, price tags or shelf-edge labels on the move, you need the reliability and high performance of a mobile printer that can keep up with the demands of busy retail environments.

From rugged models built to withstand tough locations, or the ability to print receipts direct from smartphones for increased efficiency, Brother offers the broadest range of mobile print solutions available.

We’ve helped Retailers across the UK to overcome front of store and back-house frustrations and increase overall productivity.

Portable printer RJ-3150

  • Thermal printing means there’s no need to worry about ink or toner
  • Durable handheld design is robust enough for the shop floor
  • IP54 certification means it’s resistant to dust and water
  • 5” per second print speed ensures jobs are done quickly

Whether you’re printing shelf edge labels or receipts, this lightweight and portable printer can handle whatever you throw at it. Its quick print speeds make it the perfect queue-busting device – especially as you can print from smartphones and tablets.

Professional Industrial Label Printer TD-2120N

  • Compact machine perfect for tight spaces
  • Portable battery* allows you to print from anywhere on the shop floor
  • Touch display unit* allows the user to use pre-defined templates for
     price mark down

The small footprint of this label printer ensures it won’t take up too much valuable counter space. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity* provide the ultimate portable connectivity for use anywhere in the store. It prints quickly and with superb clarity, helping to enhance customer experience throughout the store or at the checkout.
*Optional extras


A lightweight labelling solution for a large labelling company

A large catering company delivers around 160 orders per day to its book of over 400 trade customers across north-west England. Previously, the business had been labelling orders using printers attached to two large weighting scales, which was creating a bottleneck.

To address these issues, the business upgraded to four Brother TD-2120N professional industrial label printers. The units weigh just 1.3kg and can print 5.6cm-wide adhesive labels at speeds of up to 15cm per second. Paul Fleetwood, Office Manager said;

“The Brother units have solved both of the issues we had when using the scales. Firstly, they are able to store all of our customer information, so operators can simply type a four-digit code into the touch-screen display and the printer will prepare a label including the customer’s name and address along with the order date, a Julian encoded packing date and our logo.

Secondly, they are highly portable and battery powered, so out people can take them with then to whichever part of the building they are working in at that time. This has significantly streamlined the process and made us more productive as a result.”

 Professional Industrial Label Printer TD-2130N

  • Customise to your requirements with optional extras such as
     Bluetooth and Wireless adaptors
  • Increase productivity with the addition of a label peeler
  • Go mobile with an optional rechargeable battery
  • Print labels or receipts without a computer or mobile device
     with the optional touch panel display

With its compact size, high print resolution and option to go portable, the TD-2130N is a useful addition when you’re short on space or need to print on the go. It prints barcodes in next to no time, and thanks to excellent clarity and precision, it’s ideal for even wristbands or food labels.

Portable Printer MW-145BT

  • Lightweight design is perfect for carrying with you
  • USB and Bluetooth connections let your print from anywhere
  • Software developer kits let you integrate with your technology
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery offers true portability

Whether you have a sales team in the field or queue-busting customers assistants on the shop floor, this lightweight, A7 print helps you provide exceptional service. It’s small enough to slip into a jacket pocket and offers excellent versatility for both connectivity and integration with your own technology.



Helping Hillarys print on the go

Installing 30,000 blinds, shutters and window coverings every week, Hilarys is the UK’s leading made-to-measure blind company. Renowned for their exemplary customer service, they are continually looking for innovative solutions to help their 1,000 sales advisors when visiting customer homes.

When they updated their mobile working solution, their sales advisors specifically requested Brother’s MW-145BT mobile printers (which were recently updated to the latest model), feeling it was important customers received a printed document. Measuring just 160 x 100mm, connected via Bluetooth technology and with no ink cartridges to replace, they are an obvious choice for users out in the field.

Hillarys has seen a definite increase in sales as a result of implementing its mobile solution, with over £400 million orders placed using the system. Julian Bond, Head of ICT at Hillarys, says:

“Many of our advisors are using the same printer with no issues which is seriously impressive for any piece of equipment. So it was an easy decision to choose Brother once more. Customers are impressed when orders can be completed with a professionally printed order and receipt at the end of an advisor’s visit, and it’s helped to improve sales conversions.”

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