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Newland WD3 Badge Scanner

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Outstanding performance

Equipped with Newland's latest megapixel 2D technology, the WD3 can effortlessly capture high-density, high-volume and distorted barcodes printed on paper or displayed on the screen.

Batch collection

The WD3 can be set to collect barcodes and store them in the memory to be uploaded to a host via a Bluetooth or cable connection. So, if you’re delivering bulk items to a single delivery point or taking the time to create a little inventory, the WD3 can work without the need for live host interaction.

Precision scanning

Acuscan can be set on the WD3, so the red laser cross aimer only decodes the exact barcode you want it to. Even on a cluttered picklist or when many smaller items are stored close to each other, the user can be sure their picking out the correct item all the time.

Compact and light-weight design

The WD3 is extremely thin and lightweight. So not only does it feel comfortable to hold, but if it is attached to the lanyard or retractable belt clip supplied, the weight and bulk are not noticeable.

High protection and industrial structure

The WD3 is built into an IP65-sealed and drop resistant (1.2m) housing with no moving parts that fortify itself inside and out. It can be used in all weather and cope with bumps, knocks and drops.

Nwear DNA

The WD3, as part of the Nwear family of devices, can easily connect to the Newland family of Android devices via the easy pairing application. Third-party devices running Android can also be connected easily with the scan of a QR code via the generic EasyConnect APK.

Newland WD3 Badge Scanner
Brand: Newland
Mfr Part # WD3-BS30
The WD3 Badge Scanner comes with a Slim design : 110.8mm x 62.3mm x 10.6mm,1280x800 (megapixel) CMOS 1D/2D barcode scanner, 300mAh battery (typically 8 hours), IP65, Bluetooth 5.0, USB and Acuscan.
20 in 2-5 working days

In stock at our approved suppliers. Delivery within 2 – 5 working days.

£145.19 inc VAT
(£120.99 excl VAT)
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Slim design : 110.8mm x 62.3mm x 10.6mm
  • 300 mAh battery (typically 8 hours)
  • IP65
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB
  • Acuscan
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