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Mobile Device Management

It is estimated that the most significant cost associated with any mobility solution is not the investment in hardware but day-to-day management and support of mobile applications and mobile computers.

As your business deploys mobile applications and equips increasing numbers of employees with mobile devices, you need an effective way to manage your mobile solutions. The Barcode Warehouse has a solution enabling remote device management through your wireless network at any time of the day, so your mobile workers can focus on the task at hand and not on solving IT issues.

With remote device management you can:  

  • Reduce downtime with remote control of your devices
  • Save time thanks to remote configuration capability
  • Improve security by gaining control over stolen and lost devices
  • Perform all software updates automatically without any interruption to your workday
  • Control or lock down employee access to applications
  • Gain real-time visibility into the status and availability of each device