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05 Mar 2020 | 13:55

Optimising Your Processes With 2D


As the T&L industry grows to accommodate rising demand, end to end visibility and real time tracking is crucial to the success of any business. 

Barcodes are a main player in ensuring the traceability within logistics processes. Whilst traditional 1D (or linear) barcodes are still in heavy rotation, new barcoding technology is constantly evolving. 2D barcoding is fast becoming the barcode of choice in T&L for its ability to contain much more information than the typical linear barcode. Including QR codes, Data Matrix codes and PDF417 codes (as well as many more), 2D barcodes use patterns of shapes to encode data.

2D Barcodes – The Advantages

Opposed to the linear storage of 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes have the ability to hold information both vertically and horizontally, ultimately storing more data in the same amount of space. Because of this, 2D barcodes can take up less space on the surface it is added to, as 1D barcodes generally get longer when more information is added to them.

2D barcodes offer a higher level of error correction than their 1D counterparts. Whilst 1D barcodes can be difficult or impossible to read if damaged, 2D barcodes are designed to be readable even if the barcode looks impaired.

Having a large warehouse or distribution centre means that workers may sometimes have trouble scanning stock. When stock is in an awkward place, such as high up or stacked sideward, it can be difficult for 1D scanners to get a read. With 2D barcodes, not only can they be scanned from any direction due to their design, most 2D scanners can pick a reading up from further away. This has the potential to reduce injury such as wrist strain in employees who no longer need to struggle getting a good read on linear barcodes.

2D barcode scanners typically have the advantage of providing 1D and 2D scanning capabilities, meaning that purchasing a 2D barcode scanner won’t necessarily mean you lose out on 1D scanning. In addition, prices for 2D scanning devices are getting lower everyday as demand for them grows.

Does your business need a 2D upgrade? We can help. Get in touch for expert information and advice on our wide variety of 2D scanners and mobile computers.

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