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TSC TTP-247 & TTP-345 Desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Industry-leading Performance At A Budget Price

The new TTP-247 thermal transfer desktop barcode printer series delivers more performance for the price than any other printer in its class. Based on the design of its best-selling predecessor, the TTP-245 Plus, the TTP-247 runs at an impressive 7 inches per second, printing up to 4 inches wide at 203 dpi resolution. A second model in the series – the TTP-345 – offers high resolution 300 dpi printing at 5 inches per second. Both models offer 8 MB of SDRAM and 4 MB of onboard Flash memory. Gigabytes of Flash memory can be added via an onboard SDHC card reader.

TTP-247 series offers USB 2.0, parallel and serial connectivity, plus an optional Ethernet port for networking. It also incorporates the TSPL-EZ™ printer-control language, which is fully compatible with other TSC printer languages, while supporting TPLE (Translation Printer Language Eltron®) and TPLZ (Translation Printer Language Zebra®). The languages automatically decipher and translate the format of each label as it is sent to the printer. TSPL-EZ™ also features internal scalable True Type fonts (based on the Monotype® font engine), which are typically found only in more expensive printers.

Like its predecessor, the TTP-247 series features a user-friendly clamshell design for easy drop-in media loading, along with a rugged double-wall design that is stronger and more durable than other thermal transfer mechanisms on the market. Its innovative two-motor gear-driven engine is powerful enough to handle a 300-meter-long ribbon and label rolls up to 8.4 inches in diameter.

By using two motors instead of the usual one, TTP-247 series printers operate at lower torque, reducing noise, decreasing wear and tear, and extending printer life. The platform’s user-friendly design makes it easy for operators to load and unload ribbons, and its 300-meter capacity is more than four times the industry-standard length for desktop printers.

The TTP-247 series holds up to a 5-inch OD roll on a 1-inch core and, using an optional external media hanger, can accommodate a full 8.4-inch OD label roll on a 3-inch core. With its many performance features and budget-friendly price, the TTP-247 series is by far one of the most attractive thermal transfer barcode printers on the market.

Please remember to add your country-specific power cord when ordering this printer.

Mfr Part # 99-125A013-00LF
Desktop Clamshell Thermal Transfer Printer featuring 300 meter ribbon supply, (outside coated), Plastic, 203 dpi, 7 ips, 5 internal media supply, 4MB Flash, 8MB DRAM, TSPL-EZ. Standard features include USB, parallel and serial ports, BarTender UltraLite Software. SD card slot for memory expansion

Availability: 143 available on request *

RRP: £380.97 ex VAT £457.16 inc VAT
Now: £304.78 ex VAT £365.74 inc VAT

TTP-247 + IE
Mfr Part # 99-125A013-41LF
TTP-247 with factory installed Internal Ethernet

Availability: 95 available on request *

RRP: £471.67 ex VAT £566.00 inc VAT
Now: £377.34 ex VAT £452.81 inc VAT

TTP-345 + IE
Mfr Part # 99-127A003-41LF
300 dpi version of TTP-247 with factory installed Internal Ethernet

Availability: 17 available on request *

RRP: £595.21 ex VAT £714.25 inc VAT
Now: £476.17 ex VAT £571.40 inc VAT

Mfr Part # 99-127A003-00LF
300 dpi version of TTP-247

Availability: 8 available on request *

RRP: £504.50 ex VAT £605.40 inc VAT
Now: £403.60 ex VAT £484.32 inc VAT

Xtracare Extended RTB Desktop Printer Service Agreement
Mfr Part # TBW-ZEB-DSK-3-RTB

Availability: 259 in stock

£49.99 ex VAT
£59.99 inc VAT


72-0180100-02LF - Power Cord (UK)

72-0180100-02LF - Power Cord (UK)
Mfr Part # 72-0180100-02LF

Power cord / UK

Availability: 1 in stock

RRP: £5.18 ex VAT
Now: £3.05 ex VAT

72-0180100-01LF - Power Cord (EU)

72-0180100-01LF - Power Cord (EU)
Mfr Part # 72-0180100-01LF

Power cord / EU 90 degree

Availability: Ordered on request *

RRP: £5.18 ex VAT
Now: £3.05 ex VAT

72-0180100-00LF - Power Cord (US)

72-0180100-00LF - Power Cord (US)
Mfr Part # 72-0180100-00LF

Power cord / US

Availability: Ordered on request *

RRP: £5.18 ex VAT
Now: £3.05 ex VAT



Mfr Part # 98-0250130-00LF

TTP-247 Series Cutter (Knife type) Full Cut

Availability: 31 available on request *

RRP: £141.67 ex VAT
Now: £97.40 ex VAT


Mfr Part # 98-0250131-00LF

TTP-247 Series Cutter (Knife type) Partial Cut

Availability: Ordered on request *

RRP: £141.67 ex VAT
Now: £97.40 ex VAT


Mfr Part # 98-0250014-01LF

TTP-247 Series Peel-off Mechanism with Present Sensor for Thermal Transfer

Availability: 11 available on request *

RRP: £181.41 ex VAT
Now: £124.73 ex VAT


Mfr Part # 98-0250064-00LF

TTP-247 Series Ext. Label Roll Mount Ass'y complete with 3 core

Availability: 45 available on request *

RRP: £18.00 ex VAT
Now: £12.99 ex VAT


98-0280007-10LF - TSC TTP-345 Printhead (300dpi)

98-0280007-10LF - TSC TTP-345 Printhead (300dpi)
Mfr Part # 98-0280007-10LF

300dpi printhead module - suitable for the TSC TTP-345 thermal label printer.

Availability: 2 available on request *

RRP: £173.55 ex VAT
Now: £119.99 ex VAT

98-0250128-30LF - TSC TTP-247 Printhead (203dpi)

98-0250128-30LF - TSC TTP-247 Printhead (203dpi)
Mfr Part # 98-0250128-30LF

203dpi printhead module - suitable for the TSC TTP-247 thermal printer.

Availability: 1 in stock
31 available on request *

RRP: £124.79 ex VAT
Now: £85.99 ex VAT





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